How To Get Beautiful Women To BEG YOU To Go Out With Them - Without Ever Having To Leave The Comfort Of Your Home

I read your e-book, but hearing you talk about it really made me remember more. This was a great idea for you to record this great information. I would go as far as to say that you are a god
among the dating experts. Truly amazing stuff. If you’re ever in Memphis, give me a call because I’ll buy you the biggest steak just for pointing me in the right direction!
Dave, Memphis, Tenn
I liked the way the audio was set up. You would say your rule, then you would give examples and teach the listener how to do exactly what you did and where to get the knowledge to do so (the profile) which most people skip.
C.S. , San Jose, Ca.
I loved the manual, but listening to the audio allows me to take notes and easily apply it to my online dating strategy, the obvious enthusiasm in the presentation is very appealing, nice job Adam!!
- M, Maumee, Ohio, US
WOW! This is potent material. In essence, I learned that the best way to garner responses from your online profile is to think about the woman you want in your life and write a “script” that draws her into it. Make sure the script is true to form and portrays your life in terms you’re familiar with. In other words, don’t lie, but whatever you do, don’t make it bland. You need to use words that convey your sexuality indirectly, along with your passion for life and sense of adventure. As for how it helped me, it will cause me to TOTALLY re-write my profile. What a unique way to distance yourself from the rest of the sex maniacs out there.
-Steve M